Inspiration, Motivation and Acceleration: Speaking & Seminars with Omar Periu

Maybe you have a team of hungry sales people lacking only the proper tools and techniques. Or maybe you’d like to blow away a room full invited guests. Perhaps you think your company needs a boost of inspiration and motivation. If you’re in any of those situations, you need Omar Periu.

A Proven Record of “Wow!”

Omar Periu had been inspiring corporations and individuals for more than 20 years. Specializing in sales, negotiations, and wealth building, Omar Periu can help you and your team get motivated, trained and on your way to meeting your goals.

Omar is available to give any of the seminars you’ll find described here, and can also design a program to suit more specific needs.

If you want your next meeting or convention to be a guaranteed success and leave a lasting impression on your audience… Contact Omar Periu International at 470-777-2074 or info@omarperiu.com