Based on Omar Periu’s best selling book, The One Minute Meeting (Keynote)

How to Speak Without Fear, Inspire Any Audience and Conduct Time Effective Meetings

Fact #1: Time cannot be borrowed.
Fact #2: Public speaking is the terrifying fear of most people. These two seemingly unrelated facts are very relevant in the sales workplace.

Each business day, companies around the world hold more than 11 million meetings: Some productive, some not very productive at all. Omar believes that meetings are a vital management tool and a key component of organizational success. This special presentation will empower managers, supervisors and team leaders with the ability to gain control of one of the world’s biggest time robbers: ineffective meetings.

Creating effective meetings is a skill that every professional in every industry needs to know.

Whether it is a sales meeting, a staff retreat or a one-on-one consultation, it needs to be effective, efficient, and a guaranteed success. There are methods that the facilitator and attendees need to master in order to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Anyone in a leadership position needs to know how to create, develop and deliver a dynamic speech that motivates, entertains and educates. How much are ineffective meetings costing you and your organization?
One company determined that it costs $10,000 for a weekly staff meeting. However, this begs the real question: Are your meetings cost effective, or do they drag on forever without results?

Participants Will Learn

  • Learn how to control your fear of speaking
  • Master persuasive presentation skills
  • Omar’s ten steps to powerful presentations
  • Deal with the spontaneous one-on-one meetings that occur everyday
  • Save time, expense and overhead in a selling meeting
  • Identify the 20 biggest meeting traps and how to avoid them
  • Solve personality problems
  • Increase your speech and communications skills to create a killer presentation
  • How to use PowerPoint presentations to persuade and close
  • Teaching strategies: What to do and most importantly, what to avoid
  • How to visualize the presentation
  • Master the development and rehearsal stages
  • Create instant rapport with your audience (develop instant credibility)
  • How to sell your ideas (and inspire your audience)
  • Close from the platform
  • How to give a presentation that gets results
  • And much, much more!!

If you want your next meeting or convention to be a guaranteed success and leave a lasting impression on your audience… Contact Omar Periu International at 470.777.2074 or info@omarperiu.com