You deserve to wake up RICH.

You have big dreams - so big in fact, that people think you’re crazy. You want to run your own business, make millions of dollars and create a meaningful life and legacy. You know you’re not crazy - just ambitious.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to identify your individual power and harness it in order to achieve your biggest goals. It will give you the tools to adapt to and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of your aspirations. Most importantly, this course will show you how to maximize and maintain your individual power.

Omar Periu achieved the title of, “Self-Made Multi-Millionaire” before the age of 31, owning some of the most profitable health clubs and sports medicine facilities, among other businesses. He subsequently built Omar Periu International, one of the leading wealth training companies in the world. He has trained more than two million people and has worked with more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the prestigious International Platform Association. Omar discovered the secret to wealth and prosperity.  

Now – let him help you discover your best life with Wake Up Rich.

Wake Up Rich is delivered to you in…

  • A comprehensive video guide lead by Omar, which takes you through the specifics that get you to RICH.

  • 13 modules that guide you step by step from transforming your mindset to mastering sales, to continually maximizing and maintaining your individual power.

  • Easy to understand directives that will teach you to leverage other people’s content and create multiple streams of revenue


The strategies that you will learn in Wake Up Rich will change your game. This course will give you the knowledge thousands of others don’t understand, or are unwilling to learn.

  • This course will help you in four major areas of your life including: spirituality, health, happiness and of course, wealth. You will understand that failure is simply a setback, not the end all be all - and how to overcome it.

  • You will learn that confidence and high self esteem is the foundation for every relationship you create, personal or professional.

  • You will learn that when you set a goal and work backwards, you will see the steps to accomplish your dreams clearly.

  • Learn how to accumulate and KEEP your money.

You have GREATNESS within you.

Register for Wake Up Rich today and learn the essential tools to create and KEEP wealth.

Because RICH doesn’t mean ANYTHING if it’s temporary.