You will learn:

  • Think Big and Take Action

  • How to be successful

  • How to create massive amounts of wealth


A Clear Path to To Wealth AND Motivation


Omar Periu had been inspiring corporations and individuals for more than 20 years. Specializing in sales, negotiations, and wealth building, Omar Periu can help you and your team get motivated, trained and on your way to meeting your goals.   


In Omar’s Wealth Coaching System, you’ll learn and work with a coach that knows Omar’s proven path to wealth, and can guide you along your way. Your personal wealth coach will help you identify your individual strengths, knowledge and passions, and help you  put those into the strong steady action that will help you realize your  own wealth. 

Live Events

Omar’s live events are full of energy.  They’re filled with tactics and strategies that will allow you to build a clear, believable path to your own wealth.  And at every one of Omar’s live events  – you’ll always get the deep motivation and vision you need to  make your wealth an undeniable reality.