ArteVender CD

“Investigative Selling in Spanish (7CDs w/ interactive manual)
Make the income you deserve! Understand the proven secrets of “Investigative Selling™.” Overcome fear, find quality clients, give dynamic presentations & increase your closing ratio.”


The Greatest Gift

Omar Periu has studied self development and success for over 27 years and it has all come together in this new 2 CD program. He wants to share the Greatest Gift with you! You are in for a real treat! (2 CDs)


Heath is Wealth

Your decisions can either keep you from achieving the body you desire or create for you the body you’ve always dreamed of. Learn how to recapture energy. This program will be your tool to reaching new heights mentally, physically & emotionally.


Foreclosure Real Estate Course

In many ways the changes in our economy have generated something of a “gold rush” in this challenging and rewarding field. This project will help anyone who has the desire to become a true real estate professional.(4 CDs w/ manual)


Effective Negotiations

Omar Periu has combined his real estate experience with his tremendous ability to persuade, developing a hands-on negotiating program that will change your life forever. (3 CDs w/manual)


Commercial Real Estate Course

You are about to take your first giant step towards an independent lifestyle, by understanding the process of Commercial Real Estate. (4 CDs w/ manual)

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