From Management to Leadership

Through my extensive sales and management exprience, my mastery teaching seminars and custom workshops; it is my goal to substantially increase your income and career satisfaction.


Get R.E.A.L. Get Rich Book

If you want to get rich (and who doesn’t), you have to do what rich people do – and rich people get rich by getting “R.E.A.L.”


The Sales Leadership Program

For over a decade, Omar Periu has trained over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 sales managers. Learn the qualities of superior leadership, managing to obtain peak performance. Set sales goals, improve


Investing Selling CD system

Make the income you deserve! Understand the proven secrets of “Investigative Selling™.” Overcome fear, find quality clients, give dynamic presentations & increase your closing ratio.


Effective Time Management

All highly paid sales executives know how to manage their time, lives & territories. This program will teach you how to set goals, prioritize & create a time management plan.


The Power of Motivation

Build a better self, team & company with this sensational motivational program. Omar presents inspiring stories that will help you maximize your future success, encourages you to face your fears & kick your counter-productive habits.


Real Estate Encyclopedia

From beginner to the veteran, this program delivers a “how-to” training system that will help you in real estate.


Speak Without Fear

Learn how to speak without fear, inspire any audience & conduct time effective meetings. Master the methods that make every meeting or convention a guaranteed success & leave a lasting impression on your audience. (4 CDs)


Speaker BootCamp Complete Home Study Course

If you want your next meeting or convention to be a guaranteed success and leave a lasting empression on your audience…(9 CDs)


Happy Holidays CD

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season with great health, every happiness and prosperty throughout the coming New Year. -Omar Periu

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